Choice Industrial Solutions wants to save you time and money!

What is the most overlooked, taken for granted piece of equipment in your operation? It is probably
your cooling tower.

Choice Industrial Solutions has developed an innovative process to restore the fan blades in your cooling tower to “like new” condition. The benefit for you is simple to see. Choice Industrial Solutions can extend the usable life of your existing blades, on your site…and you save time and money.

We provide services for harmonic balancing if that should be necessary. However, our process has shown, consistently, that balance is maintained.

We also provide complete “on your site” services. We will inspect your blades and make recommendations that are designed specifically for you.

Most restorations can be completed “in place”. That means in most cases the blades do not have to be removed from the cooling tower. This results in less down time for you. In fact most of the time we can schedule our services during a normal maintenance period.

All of our field team members are trained annually in OSHA standards and they are experienced in working with our clients to develop a job plan for working safely on-site.

Our customers have found our services to be a great value.

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