The cooling fan blades are cleaned to remove all mineral and enviromental buildup to reach the original surface.


Once inspected and evaluated, all necessary repairs are performed to return the fan blades to original performance.


All surfaces are refinished with a submersible grade epoxy to protect the fan blades from UV damage.

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The leaders in fiberglass fan blade repair and maintenance

Choice Industrial Solutions is an innovative new company on the scene. We specialize in a revolutionary new process that will restore composite fan blades for cooling towers. We have developed a patent pending process that will make the blades as good as new. And, with a regular maintenance program, they stay that way.

We clean your existing blades, rebuild the leading edges if needed, and apply our products that block moisture and UV rays, all while the blades are still in place. By being able to restore the blades without altering balance while they are still in position, we save you money by reducing down time. The blades never have to be removed! Our work is accomplished during a regularly scheduled shutdown or we isolate a cell and do our work while you continue to do your work. Whatever works best for your facility. 

Our new process is used in a variety of applications, cooling towers, chillers, spare blades...anything made of composites that is exposed to the elements.

Typically, our process cost about half of the price of the parts ALONE. You don't have to worry about the labor costs involved in removing the blades. Shipping costs are a thing of the past. And don't have to worry about down time or the costs associated with that headache.

Our process works anywhere. In the Deep South, in the Frigid North, where ever YOU need it to. Call us today at 989-275-8043, for a risk-free, no obligation inspection.