Duke Energy - Roxboro, NC

Problem: High volume water and long service use causing erosion damage and extreme UV damage

Solution: The repair process was able to stabilze all Ultraviolet resin damage rebuild leading edges including small perforations and erosion of trailing edges. We were able to restore blades that would otherwise not been able to return to service.

Central Michigan University

Problem: Heavy Ultraviolet damaged the composite resin causing surface erosion

Solution: Our process successfully cleaned and stabilized loose surface material and protected the entire fan with epoxy topcoat. Repairs were completed with the fans in place so that the equipment was available for service soon after repairs were completed allowing for only partial shutdown of cooling equipment

Power washing Fan
Fan Before Repairs
Fan After Repairs

CMS Grayling Generating Station

Problem: Harsh city treatment water caused edge erosion and heavy mineral buildup on the fans and limited functionality and lifespan.

Solution: Our innovative process has been very successful. We restored the cooling tower fan blades at the Grayling, MI co-generation power plant. They have an especially harsh environment to work in due to the weather and the fact that they are using available waste water. It has been about 3 years since this work was done and we inspect them twice a year, at shutdown, just to make sure our process is working like it should. The results have been outstanding and we have seen virtually zero change in the 3 years since the blades have been completed.

Fan Before
Example Rebuild
Fan Repairs Complete
Cleaned Industrial Fan